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PAC manages all of its repossessions and other vehicles from one location. Find a car you like and contact our Liquidation Department for details.
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News at PAC On November 5, 2016 PAC’s offices will be closed due to electrical upgrades being done to our building. There will be no phone service, no voice mail and no access to our Pay by Phone option. It will business as usual on Monday, November 7, 2016.

Word on the street
What people are saying
I have learned a great deal about subprime loans in the three years I have been with PAC. I started with a very skeptical attitude. The folks at PAC took the time to turn me around. They even helped me design some ads that I used and the ads worked! Now I’m very confident about both PAC and subprime. As a result I now have more options and more business. What people are saying
George Clouatre
Clouatre Motors, Orange, MA
At first I was scared because of the recourse of the loans but PAC explained it to me so I could get a better understanding and I know that I’m not alone and have them on my side. They have such an amazing group of employees and every time I call I feel like we are all family. What people are saying
Jason Ward
American Imports & Repair, Jay, ME
We always get someone to talk to. The staff at PAC is eager to help and very knowledgeable. It makes doing business with them very easy. They understand what a dealer needs to get the car delivered: fast approvals and immediate funding. It’s a pleasure working with them. What people are saying
David Fortin
556 Auto Sales, Hampton, NH
There’s rarely a dull moment at our dealership. We do a lot of volume and there are always changes or additions or something going on with our applications and deals. Patsy and I need a close relationship with underwriting. We have that and more with PAC. We have funded many deals for many years and they keep up with us just fine. What people are saying
Dan Witham
Dan’s Used Cars, Benton, ME